Jacob Miller

Managing Partner

Jacob graduated from Vanderbilt University and is a founding partner of Paybotic, a leading payments technology company in the cannabis space, in addition to serving as Managing Partner of Millers Insurance Group. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jacob worked as a management consultant with KPMG in the financial services practice where he advised banks and government entities on payment networks architecture, business process automation and enterprise software platform assessments and implementations. He has seen the ups and downs of the cannabis industry in servicing over 1000 dispensary operators, and hopes to bring this perspective to the psychedelics and mental health arena. 

Alex Cohen

Managing Partner

Alex has a passionate drive to help innovate in the mental health space. He enjoys combining entrepreneurial pursuits with his love for making art. Alex serves as creative director for Upstream Games, a digital gaming platform for gamified therapy. After struggling with treatment resistant mental health conditions from an early age, he developed a lifelong personal interest in neuroscience & psychology, which he went on to study at The University of Miami. In 2016, after years of failed conventional treatment, Alex underwent multiple off label psychedelic assisted therapies, allowing him to find relief he never thought was possible. He looks forward to harnessing his own experiences to help propel a new wave of breakthrough treatments in mental health.


James Cohen

Investor and Advisor

James serves as President and CEO of Hudson Capital Properties, a real estate investment firm with approximately 7,000 multi-family units around the US. He is the former president of the Hudson Group, which operated Hudson News until 2008, after selling majority stake to Dufry of Switzerland, one of the largest operators of duty-free stores in the world. James currently sits on the Dufry Board of Directors. He studied entrepreneurship at The Wharton School of Business and is on The University of Pennsylvania Athletics Board of Overseers.